It’s only you I want to ride through the landscape with

Why couldn’t we work things out?


Long distances, much nature and little civilization

Park in Pila

Park in Pila

Plenty of places, which could be a home

Out of question now

Roads and paths are nameless

And then the bus speakers playing “Ordinary Love”


Tears and talks in the forever driving bus

Yes, friends are valuable

Another kind of love and taking care is in the air

Having wanted to keep strong, but couldn’t

I miss you so much


Tourun City Walls

Tourun City Walls

An old city with thick walls to protect

Obviously a touristic spot

Cosy and ment to have a nice time in it

Couples having a rest and drink in outdoor cafes

All a strange view now



Tourun Center

Tourun Center

It could have been, it should have been


You couldn’t see it

Sorry for mistakes, which always take place

Hope is a faraway imagination and castle in the air now


A dragon, placed according to the old legend

Tourun Dragon

Tourun Dragon

As the spot, where we throw a coin

To have fulfilled a wish

You know what mine was

Now, in this silence, I just have to wish for my own life


I wish for you that your life once will be as you want it

Not sure I can be part of it

Our cities and homes, especially mine

Shouting of you with all in it, which points to you

Life will feel too mixed up of what I don’t want


Decorated Window in Tourun

Decorated Window in Tourun

Yours, and your way through the desert, which you preferred

I don’t know any more about

Distance, sometimes already felt – it seems to get really huge now

If it has to be, I hope for your, that your days get more happy

There is not much more I can hope


Little dog biting in a dress - Tourun

Little dog biting in a dress – Tourun

The attempt to appear as good company

For those, who can understand and hope

Too far from my lost balance

But trying

Words for wills are not enough anyway




Riding through darkness with heart ache

You, on your own bus …