Dali- Persistence of time

One of these days I read an article in a magazine that made me think about the issue of time. It is true that our culture doesn’t value the importance of waiting for something or someone. There are even many people who find ridiculous and a waste of time the simple idea of waiting. In fact, nowadays we live in a ready-to-eat, ready –to-wear, ready-to-feel, ready-to-quit society. The way people communicate shows no exception. Always surrounded by hi-tech gadgets, 24 hours on, multitasking, having the idea that one can be everywhere doing everything. At the same time, and opposite of what was expected, there’s this permanent insatisfaction, feeling of exhaustion and no time to reflect about anything.

Sometimes it is crucial to stop and understand that waiting is not a waste of time, on the contrary, it is a way of recognizing that there must be time to be, so that one can give itself the chance to mature.

Plants come from seeds. If one can’t stand the wait, it will never feel the joy of seeing it blossoming.

Maybe this wish of human superhero syndrome hides the fear of having no one or nothing waiting for us at the end. But the truth is that life is a kind of artisanal handicraft. It’s not a mass production and we can’t find it made elsewhere. Life requires the patience of a craftsman that patiently tries several times until some result can be found, if found.