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“Your fearfulness preceding us, O Sea,

Was lodged in coral, shores, and masts.

Once of night and fog, of bygone

Tempests and the mystery, unveiled,

Distance flowered, and the sideral South

Sparkled on initiated galleons.

Shade and darkness, Joseph M. William Turner

Shade and darkness, Joseph M. William Turner

That far-off rigid coastline

When the ship approaches, the shore now rises

With the trees, where the distance offered nothing;

Closer, land breaks into sounds and colors;

As we disembark, come birds and flowers,

Where before was but a far-off abstract line.

Snowstorm, Joseph William Turner

To dream is to see from some vague distance

Shapes invisible, then with the quickened

Motion of one’s hope and will,

To seek upon the cold horizon

Tree and beach, flower, bird, and fountain –

Those kisses Truth awards.”

Message, Fernando Pessoa



Rainbow, Joseph W. Turner