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They are one
And they are two
They believe
And they are wondering
They shine
And they get in shadows
They complete
And they ask

She seeks his eyes
He touches her
She smiles
He laughs
She gives
He takes
She loves
He tells her love

They go through things
They comment the other
They express some wishes
They define some roles
They try to cross some borders
They meet and involve others
They get hurt
They break up

He feels how much is lost
She starts caging her feelings
He tries to convince her
She shows his failures off
He finds himself displayed
She is on her way
He faces his total emptiness
She faces her naivity

They try a touch
They break the ice
They move towards
They feel the other’s love stream into their hearts
They look at the other with happy tears in their eyes
They experience a new layer under their skin
They get all their senses opened
They love

Michael Großpietsch – 2011

Georg Schrimpf: Martha, 1925